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Aster & Ferm have worked with many amazing businesses on a diverse number of projects and campaigns, from coaching and content creation, to social media management and motivational speaking. Here’s what they had to say about us:

Absolutely invaluable

absolutely invaluable

Aster & Fern's Pinterest training is going to be absolutely invaluable in the ongoing promotion of my new business. Rachel was very professional and had a massive breadth of knowledge, but delivered the session in a really friendly and informal way.

I had no idea Pinterest could be used to promote and share my new business online and following Rachel's training session I now have the skills to confidently use Pinterest. I would highly recommend this course to any other businesses looking to explore new and exciting ways to promote their business online! 

becky Hamilton - owner, accessible holiday escapes

Informative and perfectly pitched

informative and perfectly pitched

Karen's introduction to social media session was a huge hit with our Visitor Economy Businesses. It was both interesting and informative and perfectly pitched as prior to the session, Karen had taken the time to research and chat to each individual member in order to tailor the training.

For many, it was a great first step on their social media journey and Karen's follow up top tips were gratefully received and put to good use by all those who attended. We'd highly recommend Karen's introduction to social media sessions.

Kate Eugeni - Director of Visitor Economy, Wirral Chamber of Commerce

A fresh approach to producing digital content

Fresh approach to producing digital content

Rachel’s creative abilities are limitless and we love her fresh approach to producing digital content that is relevant and engaging for our customers, she’s really helped us turn around our digital content strategy. Her ability to grasp important nuggets of information from our face to face catch ups, phone calls and email exchanges is remarkable, and she always has a firm understanding of our business goals which she then translates into an engaging content calendar.

In her time she’s produced videos, crafts, interviews, mood boards, style guides, attended our photoshoots and even produced photography for our website and emails when we felt our own photoshoots had missed something. As a small business we often change plans at the last minute and one thing that I always admire about Rachel is her ability to be unphased by anything. Her many years of experience has shaped her into the adaptable, outgoing and professional colleague she is today. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Aster & Fern’s services.

lisa neatham - head of ecommerce, great little trading co.

Vastly exceeded our expectations

vastly exceeded our expectations

We worked with Karen to create content based on a family visit to Malawi in 2018. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and the resultant exposure from her time out there was remarkable and vastly exceeded our expectations.

Karen produced a huge amount of Malawi content that we not only used on our platforms but she regularly shared across hers too. Of particular note were the videos Karen produced, including a truly wonderful one covering the trip as a whole that really captured the essence of the country.

kelly white - tourism director, kamageo

Professional and honest


Rachel’s social media knowledge has been invaluable in getting my events business off the ground. She immediately understood my brand and helped me to define my audience and clarify my online voice. She also helped me to create content that is both interesting and engaging for my audience, and her advice on how to create, edit and share beautiful imagery that reflects my brand has been amazing.

I found her Blogging for Business course to be particularly beneficial. It helped me understand the importance of blogging for my business and gave me a better understanding of SEO and how to reach my target market effectively. Rachel is very professional and honest in her feedback, which I truly appreciate. I am looking forward to further training with the Aster and Fern team in the future.

Michele Farrell - Founder, the mothers matter

Mine of knowledge and expertise

Mine of knowledge and expertise

Rachel is an absolute mine of knowledge and expertise. Her ability to effortlessly grasp the core values of our business has been amazing. She breezes through a workload that would take an absolute age for myself to produce and her support and advice, given so freely, has been invaluable to us.

Rachel is so easy to work with and inspires new ideas at every meeting. Ideas that we are currently working on to drive the business forward. Such friendly, professional and efficient delivery of expertise, worth every penny!

julie williams - director, stoneworkz