Aster & Fern

A social media and
content marketing consultancy

Helping small businesses to bloom and grow online

Aster & Fern is a social media and content marketing consultancy dedicated to helping small businesses navigate the online world and increase their digital presence in a creative, intelligent and authentic manner.

From introductory courses to one to one coaching and strategic advice, Aster & Fern is committed to finding the right approach for each individual business they work with.


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Aster & Fern

Meet the Aster & Fern team

Karen beddoW
AND Rachel Southern

Prior to creating businesses of their own within the social media arena, the team behind Aster & Fern achieved professional success working in Law and Communications.

This unusual combination of careers means that not only have Karen and Rachel built online businesses from scratch and honed their skills through practical application, they were able to do so in light of years of commercial experience.

The Aster & Fern team has a combined online following of over 65k. In short, they know what they’re talking (and tweeting) about.